The evening sessions - Purposeful Practice

Evening sessions are now FULL for 2018.

To be eligible for next year please make sure you have completed our full course progression. Fundamentals, Flow and Tech

Have you done our course progression? Are you looking to continue to improve with structure and professional feed back?

Then check out our evening sessions! 

Every Wednesday and Thursdays in Sheffield 6.30 till 8.00.

Once a week for 1.5 hours we head out into the woods and practice all the things we need to.

Through the summer we work through different phases of progression we work through slow speed precision riding, improving our jumping/working the trail, expanding our comfort zones and speed on steep technical terrain.


The sessions start off relatively mellow but as we progress they venture more and more into adventurous terrain and complexity. 


Ride strong, ride confident, practice with purpose! 


  • Comfortable riding red graded terrain as a minimum.
  • Having been on an ALine Fundamentals and  Flow courses


  • A fully functioning bike fit for purpose
  • Appropriate safety gear including a helmet
  • Of sufficient health to take part in vigorous physical exercise


£80 per 6 week block

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Here is what some of last years team had to say... 

JP says I’m an advanced rider, well maybe in years rather than skills. After nearly 50 years of riding bikes (I did say I was advanced), my style has fallen firmly into the ‘wheels on the ground’ camp.
A lot happened through last summer. JP watched me ride a bit and patiently listened to my ramblings. If you pay attention, you’ll catch glimpses of him processing all this information. His skill undoubtedly lies in his ability to evaluate what is going on and find the right key to unlock whatever is holding you back. At no point did I tackle anything I wasn’t comfortable with or felt was beyond my rapidly improving ability.
I’m still no Andreu Lacondeguy and certainly won’t be troubling the judges at a Red Bull Rampage, but I did come away with a huge sense of achievement. All thanks to JP and ALine coaching.
— Pete Hennessey
I have been doing Thursday sessions for two years now and in that time my riding has come on further than I would imagined when I first signed up. I always wanted to be able to jump a bike better, now I am jumping and trying to go bigger! Riding regularly on varied trails I am coping with technical terrain that I would never of dared try in the past. Thanks to Aline I ride faster, more confidently and have way more fun.
— Paul Pryce
After 4 sessions I rode Devils Elbow for the first time in a while, felt pretty relaxed, didnt try to go fast, stopped to let some people passed - STRAVA said it was my fastest time down!
— Simon West
I never knew where I wanted to go with with my riding, I knew I wanted to have fun and progress and when I booked into the evening sessions I had no idea how far I would go. Not only have i progressed but I have had loads of fun and made loads of new riding buddies. Highly recommended.
— Jason Hutt
Its a nice feeling achieving goals but to be honest thats secondary to dropping your mates. Doing these sessions with ALine I have consistently moved my way up through my regular riding group without trying.
— Andrew Emley
I reached out to the guys at ALine after coming up against a glass ceiling in my riding. With a combination of expert tuition encouragement and purposeful practice I feel my jumping, cornering and general bike handling skills have dramatically improved. As a bonus I have met a great group of rad minded people to ride with, cool calm and incontrol. Get on it.
— Chris Morley
The mix of going back to basics, sessioning technical features and generally having fun with a great group has progressed my riding no end
— Rachel Sokal
Little and often with an expert coach has resulted in some big gains
— Anthony Jordan
Strips back riding to it’s fundamentals - then layer by layer builds those skills into what we all love - riding trails. The drip feed of the evening session skill development pays off, as the little and often approach to mtb coaching gives me the guidance that I can then integrate into my regular rides. JJ helps raise my awareness of the areas I need to develop. Purposeful practice in the group motivates me to go away and put the time in before we meet the following week.
— Robin Simpson Green
JP and ALine are a worthy investment. The analysis of my riding and clear pointers and goals have really helped me progress.
— Tom Brereton
Book in, its makes riding easier, faster and more fun
— Ali Gover