JJ always impressed me with his communication skills. He was able to break down complex ideas and transfer the most essential elements to everyone he coached. More so, people were drawn to his positive outlook and can do vibe. No one left one of JJ’s lessons with any questions other than, ‘where do I sign up for another class with JJ?’.
— Seb Kemp, MTB Writer & Whistler Bike Park Guide

JJ…what can I say? He gives chicks balls!!

Forever the encouraging, understanding, no bullshit coach – he gives confidence without the froo-froo, knows when to push you as well as he knows when to let you back off. I would recommend this guy to the moon and back. But i truly want him back in Whistler!
— Tia Tait, Womens night regular

He excelled in all areas, selling lessons, customer relations and request lessons. JJ (as we called him) was voted in the top 2 coaches of the year, voted by his peers. He was definitely number 1 when it came to customer service and the number of positive customer feedback forms we received. There are customers constantly asking this summer (2011) for him on request privates. The only reason he was not hired back was that the Canadian Government would not issue any foreign Visa’s for us. If they do in the future I would put him at the top of the list. We have felt the loss of JJ’s experience this year and I would definitely hire him back in the future if I could secure a work Visa. I personally give very few reference letters out for anyone. In my book you have to excel at the highest level to get one out of me and Mr. John Paul Jones deserves one.
— Tom Radke, Whistler Bike Park Guide Manager

Spend any time with JJ and you will come out a better mountain biker. His patience and eye for detail along with his friendly manner will help you with new skills or overcome any obstacle in your ability. JJ has really helped my riding and I always think about the concepts he has explained any time I am on my bike.
— Iain Hanlon, Glasgow

I just happened to book a private session on the off chance and Im so glad I did. The week I spent in Whistler was one of the best holidays I have ever had and JJs coaching made all the difference. During the week I progressed from green through to black and some double black features. There were times I was a little unsure but it wasnt long before I knew, if JJ gave me the nod, I could do it and if he said lets leave that one for later, we would come back when my skills progressed, I always felt safe in his hands. Except when we were out drinking, 3 pints and hes impossible to understand 4 pints and he’s under the table.
— Wes Manion, Director of Australia Zoo