Resistance training

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Resistance Training for Cycling – What it improves and why all cyclists should be doing some.

If you have little experience of off the bike training, or have never trained in a gym or a resistance training environment then this article is for you.

There are a multitude of benefits to be gained from resistance training for overall health, injury resistance and performance and thankfully long gone are days where it was believed that resistance training should be avoided for endurance based sports. The belief that only low weights should be lifted for high reps is a thing of the past, and current research suggest that endurance athletes gain more benefit from lifting relatively heavy weights for lower reps, in a strength training modality (don’t worry we aren’t talking strongman/power lifting here).

A well designed Strength and Conditioning programme will include exercises that improve the lower and upper body as well as the core and won’t result in excessive size or weight gain, despite helping to increase force production, pedalling efficiency and the ability to ride harder or longer. It really is a win, win scenario and if carried out correctly will only complement your cycling ability.

Now we all know time on the bike, carrying out the actual sport or skill is important and cycling is what we enjoy the most right?! But as little as 1-2 hours per week, in particular throughout winter when you aren’t riding quite as much in the evenings will go a long way to keeping you fit, healthy and always ready to ride that bike.

Ant Henry

ALine SnC Coach

ALine Welcomes Ant Henry

Catalog pose

Catalog pose

Massive huge gigantic thanks to everyone who has booked in on a session, recommended us to a friend, shared or liked a post.

ALine Coaching is continuing to expand. Carrying on with of principles of professional experienced coach's we have an announcement. 

We are stoked to welcome Anthony Henry to the team.


Ant is a passionate mountainbiker who has dedicated his training and education to athlete development with Mountain Biking being his main focus.

Staying true to the ALine roots Ant is a veteran of Whistler Bike Park where he undertook his initial guiding and skill development training. Whilst in Whistler Ant specialised in kids camps ...... hint hint.

Ant has been working with the team in the background for a couple of months and we are stoked. We think you will be also.

A Graduate in sports science from Sheffield Hallam University Ant went on to a dedicated and integral member of the BlueSteel SnC team who specialise in strength and conditioning with a keen interest in mountain bike specific training. With BlueSteel Ant has been lucky enough to work with some of top performing DH athletes in the world.

With Dr Gareth Jones bringing his sports psychology and now Ant Henry with his body and strength mechanics, we are building a strong team of professionals to help you get where you want to go. 

Is it mental? or is it physical? we find the two are generally linked but either way, we have got you covered.


Thanks again


The ALine team

Join the Revolution - Hannah Tew

At the end of last summer we were up at Revolution Bike Park running our usual Join the Revolution course but this time we brought the kick ass filming of Ben from Hidden Media.

Hannah Tew came on our Fundamentals course a few years ago on a skinny tyred commuter bike. At that point she had no idea of the world she was about to launch herself into. 3 years later.....

Hell yeah Hannah, so stoked!

You killed it.



Our next course is on the 17th of Feb.

Join the Revolution
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Cotic and Mojo Join Chromag

Cotic and Fox Step Up for the small people.

2016 here we come! So pleased to announce we will be riding a Cotic Rocket kitted out Fox and Chromag.

Wait till you see the pics of new build! We are waiting on a few more components before we can post up properly but Im just so pleased with the set up and the way it has worked out I just had to share it. 

This all came about from a tech talk with Chris Porter and a research / development day at Revolution with Cotic. 

Chris Porter has completely changed how i look at suspension and during timed training on the Cotic day, I put in faster times on the Rocket than on my own trail bike and my DH bike.

More pics coming soon!




Case Study - Bev

Bev came to us in February and said she wanted to do some DH racing and wanted to know what she needed to do to go faster. We had a 10min phone consultation, this helped me (JPJ) decide what was appropiate content and therefore the best venue for the course, then set a date and got her booked in on a private week day session. 

Bev hadn't been riding long, approx 1 year but had always had a fit and active life, she had good movement and she was confident. We worked with her to tune into to some of the forces going through the bike and gave her techniques to help stabilise and balance those forces. We then looked at how a racer would see the trail and what to look for.

Then this happened.

Photo credit Mark Crawshaw

Photo credit Mark Crawshaw

Bev was always going to be an awesome rider. We just helped with a little direction and focus. Some times thats all it takes.

Well Done Bev. I think its fair to say you killed it! 

This is what Bev had to say.

I went to Aline Coaching because, although I’ve only been riding a relatively short time, I felt like I’d stopped improving and I seemed to be struggling with cornering at speed. JP took me right back to basics, focusing on body position and core balance which really helped me to get in tune with my bike, and it was fun! We then moved onto cornering and with the addition of a few new skills, I was carrying more speed and railing the berms better than I ever imagined I could. I went away and practiced what I’d learnt, returning 6 weeks later to win my class at Peaty’s Steelcity DH race. I have so much more confidence in myself and I can’t wait to enter more races.
— Bev Sunyata

Is there something your working on you would like to improve? Faster, bigger, gnarlier. Maybe we can help.




The White Rhino - Steel City Prize Winner

Look up enduro in the dictionary, it says Lee Hawden.

One of the nicest guys on the planet, possibly the strongest MTBer I know (hence his nick name white rhino), trains super hard while balancing his full time job as teacher. Last year he came 4th in the Steel City Race and as such won a session with ALine Coaching.

One second would have put him into 2nd place. Theres a good chance we found it! #FreeSpeed #EconomyOfMotion #TouchingBacksides


Keep an eye out for Lee and his new Kingdon Switch at the Steel City Race this year. Say hello, wish him luck touching those backsides! 





Tahnee Seagrave - 60 second interview

JPJ:- Tahnee how are you feeling coming into the 2016 season? 

Tahnee:- Yeah feel good, feeling really good thanks, been training hard got myself into good shape, feeling stronger than ever.

JPJ:- Hows the new bike (Transition TR500)?

Tahnee:- Great settled right into it, feels like an old friend already!

JPJ:- Do you train at Revolution alot?

Tahnee:- Yeah, pretty much, its just on my doorstep now.

JPJ:- What is it you like about Revolution Bike Park?

Tahnee:- Love the technical tracks, today Iv mostly been running far side but its always nice to mix it up with the free ride etc aswell, super efficient uplift makes all the difference. 

JPJ:- We get a varied tyre choice at Revs, Whats your take on it?

Tahnee:- I like my magic marys, conditions have to be really soft to run spikes. I dont think I have ever felt I needed spikes at Revolution, even in the worst conditions.


Good luck in 2016 Tahnee ! 




Join The Revolution - February

Februarys Join The Revolution was another great success as riders took the step into some of the most fun terrain in the uk.

Generally the home of the DH elite, with support from ALine coaching Revolution Bike Park is a fantastic place for riders looking to take those first steps into advanced terrain. On our Join The Revolution course, we give riders time, space and the support to make the most of their "Revolution" experience.

After the group have settled in, we sometimes get the camera out! 

It was the sickest, gnarliest and most incredible day I’ve ever had on two wheels. I progressed more in one day than I have in one year. I’ll be back to conquer banana skin corner!
— MTBing 1 year, trail rider - Jon Elvidge
After my first run down Revolution I thought I’d made a mistake, this place has some serious steep and technical trails. But by the end of the day and some expert advice and encouragement from ALine Coaching Revolution is now my favourite place to ride. Thanks to ALine and thanks to Revolution I will be back
— Experienced rider new to DH - Scott Goodwin
Had an awesome day riding some proper downhills with a good group of people. Felt pretty confident on the rough stuff and it was great to finally ride banana skin corner, generally a pretty RAD day
— Young up and coming DH racer - Aidan Mallon
This is the second Join The Revolution course I have done. This the first time on my trail bike. Really pleased with the bike and stoked for technical XC racing with my team (Cannondale Girls) in 2016.
— MTBing 1 year, XC racer - Adel Tyson Bloor

Our next course is on the 24th of March.

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