Why oh why are there virtually no brothers in mountain biking. 

Can I say Black, can I say Brother? Can I observe differences? Surely its more of an issue to shy away from what is. People are different, more mentally than physically but this about colour and Im not one to tip toe.
No Apologies.

So with in the global community of our black bros theres many different body types such as sprinters and distance runners, some fine physical specimens. Why are they not riding bikes? Good muscle mass and power on DH etc and the slimmer kenyan like fellas on the endurance stuff. I get it in road riding... Road riding is stuffy and snobby who would want to join in that sport if only to smash them! Mountain bikers though...were fun and inclusive eager to welcome new people in.

I've mentioned this to friends and a couple of them have said maybe its the demographic, mtbs are expensive. Yes because obviously all black people are poor! Im sure Barack would like a bike but he just cant afford it ha ha ha these are intelligent on the whole and this is the first thing they think of. People are funny so let me lay this down, it is not because black people are poor.

Having said that there are definitely class differences in sport, in this case for me its more to about who you identify with rather than actual class. How many people from our big cities take part in Croquet or Polo etc. Skiing is the other big one. Obviously snow sports are becoming more accessible but its still expensive as a sport to engage in, predominantly because of the travel! Mountain Biking doesn't have this issue though. 

It made me think about what draws a population to a sport and the only thing I think of is "sport need its leaders"! Im convinced to this day one of the reasons the UK is at the top of their game in DH is because we have had Steve Peat. Steve Peat competing on the world stage for 20 years has shown a generation what level they need to be and what to do to be the best (they say it takes 10year full time purposeful practice to build a pro). Tracy Mosley (I love Tracy Moseley) Rachel Atherton, Mannon Carpenter and Tahnee are doing it right now for the Girls.

This makes it accessible! 

Young people looking for something to aspire to, look for people like them (As a massive generalisation), could it be we haven't had a black man/woman on the podium? What happens when we do. Will this be what the sport needs, will there be brothers flocking to the mountains bringing the next level of rhythm to the trails. Is there a Jamaican DH Team? (Im taking the piss a little but you know where Im coming from).

Black peeps in MotorX has had a massive upturn since Bubba set it on fire. 

I get bored really easy...... I like multi cultural, vibrant communities. Just having honkies in the hills shuffeling round is doing the best sport in the world a disservice. 

Some people may find this piece a bit racist but I say to my white friends don't worry I want more white people in the sport too and yes some white people do have good rhythm. The term Honkie can be taken as derogatory but is taken from the music HonkyTonk which is awesome so its upt to you how you take it. I think music is a fun way to identify a population or community of people.




Notes -

1. I don't like talking about colour as people are not their colour, they are who they are and to mention colour it is to distract from that fact.

2. I hate it when people shy away from talking about colour, its like its bad or we should pretend it doest exist and its obvious, its on our face. 

3. Kenyans are crap at distance running on the whole. There are two small villages where all the kenyan runners come from (they had 1 guy break through and lead the others). Korean womens golf had 0 contenders on the world stage 5 years ago. 1 Pro woman came through and there are now over 20 on the world stage, these are not isolated there are many examples.

4. Eliot Jackson is one of my fav riders because hes a big sender and his whips are slickest on the WC stage! Hes bringing in Bros as we speak. If Im going single people out I have to mention Shaums March. Best section in Plush, super nice guy and crackin coach, still absolutely rips.

Lets go people - come at me.