Will Olsen

Will Olsen Memorial Fund

I haven't donated money to anything except the red cross for years. I believe charity starts at home, in your own street, with your friends and neighbours.

People in west are to hung up on money. Time is the most valuable thing we have. When I heard Wills time was up, I figured it was time to give some money. Doesn't really make sense I appreciate, sometimes things don't I suppose. It was just a feeling.

Will died doing what he loved. Im not sad for Will. Im sad for the people who never got off the couch or didn't have the balls to lay it on the line and wanted too.

Im sad for the people he left behind and all those who miss him. Donating some money to the family is just a way saying hey...We care.

I never knew Will, hundreds of people die in sporting accidents every year, I don't donate money to their families, whats so special about Will. I suppose its just a little close to home. Me, all my friends and clients etc, it could have been any one of us. Wills part of a MTB community thats like a big family to us, call it a tribal thing. I suppose in some ways he was my friend and neighbour.