Tahnee Seagrave - 60 second interview

JPJ:- Tahnee how are you feeling coming into the 2016 season? 

Tahnee:- Yeah feel good, feeling really good thanks, been training hard got myself into good shape, feeling stronger than ever.

JPJ:- Hows the new bike (Transition TR500)?

Tahnee:- Great settled right into it, feels like an old friend already!

JPJ:- Do you train at Revolution alot?

Tahnee:- Yeah, pretty much, its just on my doorstep now.

JPJ:- What is it you like about Revolution Bike Park?

Tahnee:- Love the technical tracks, today Iv mostly been running far side but its always nice to mix it up with the free ride etc aswell, super efficient uplift makes all the difference. 

JPJ:- We get a varied tyre choice at Revs, Whats your take on it?

Tahnee:- I like my magic marys, conditions have to be really soft to run spikes. I dont think I have ever felt I needed spikes at Revolution, even in the worst conditions.


Good luck in 2016 Tahnee !