Case Study - Bev

Bev came to us in February and said she wanted to do some DH racing and wanted to know what she needed to do to go faster. We had a 10min phone consultation, this helped me (JPJ) decide what was appropiate content and therefore the best venue for the course, then set a date and got her booked in on a private week day session. 

Bev hadn't been riding long, approx 1 year but had always had a fit and active life, she had good movement and she was confident. We worked with her to tune into to some of the forces going through the bike and gave her techniques to help stabilise and balance those forces. We then looked at how a racer would see the trail and what to look for.

Then this happened.

Photo credit Mark Crawshaw

Photo credit Mark Crawshaw

Bev was always going to be an awesome rider. We just helped with a little direction and focus. Some times thats all it takes.

Well Done Bev. I think its fair to say you killed it! 

This is what Bev had to say.

I went to Aline Coaching because, although I’ve only been riding a relatively short time, I felt like I’d stopped improving and I seemed to be struggling with cornering at speed. JP took me right back to basics, focusing on body position and core balance which really helped me to get in tune with my bike, and it was fun! We then moved onto cornering and with the addition of a few new skills, I was carrying more speed and railing the berms better than I ever imagined I could. I went away and practiced what I’d learnt, returning 6 weeks later to win my class at Peaty’s Steelcity DH race. I have so much more confidence in myself and I can’t wait to enter more races.
— Bev Sunyata

Is there something your working on you would like to improve? Faster, bigger, gnarlier. Maybe we can help.




Tuesday Challenge 3

Its Tuesday and this week we are honkin over a big rock at Parkwood !

Cutting corners is for looser's (and enduroracers #slander) unless there is an element of skill of course, thens its absolutely fine........It is not faster to honk this rock its just for fun, dont cut corners Yo.

You can find this at the end of the first descent, just at the beginning of the second!

Hows your bunny hop yall?

Remember what happened the boy who thought he could fly? He jumped out of a window and found out he couldn't! If I thought I could fly, Id try from the ground first! Always look for progression.....

If you aint filmed didn't happen, send us your vids! 




Steel City Mini Downhill, April 21st 2012

There are days when a tribe comes together and something special happens. The Sheffield mountain bike tribe is big, noisy, friendly and doing some great things. Put all that together in Greno Woods, stir in a bit of competition, a great trail and a dash of Peaty magic, and something very special happens. The buzz was immense. Everyone had a grin on their face, bikes were buffed to a blinding shine, the sun had got its hat on and all was well with the world.