The White Rhino - Steel City Prize Winner

Look up enduro in the dictionary, it says Lee Hawden.

One of the nicest guys on the planet, possibly the strongest MTBer I know (hence his nick name white rhino), trains super hard while balancing his full time job as teacher. Last year he came 4th in the Steel City Race and as such won a session with ALine Coaching.

One second would have put him into 2nd place. Theres a good chance we found it! #FreeSpeed #EconomyOfMotion #TouchingBacksides


Keep an eye out for Lee and his new Kingdon Switch at the Steel City Race this year. Say hello, wish him luck touching those backsides! 





Join The Revolution - February

Februarys Join The Revolution was another great success as riders took the step into some of the most fun terrain in the uk.

Generally the home of the DH elite, with support from ALine coaching Revolution Bike Park is a fantastic place for riders looking to take those first steps into advanced terrain. On our Join The Revolution course, we give riders time, space and the support to make the most of their "Revolution" experience.

After the group have settled in, we sometimes get the camera out! 

It was the sickest, gnarliest and most incredible day I’ve ever had on two wheels. I progressed more in one day than I have in one year. I’ll be back to conquer banana skin corner!
— MTBing 1 year, trail rider - Jon Elvidge
After my first run down Revolution I thought I’d made a mistake, this place has some serious steep and technical trails. But by the end of the day and some expert advice and encouragement from ALine Coaching Revolution is now my favourite place to ride. Thanks to ALine and thanks to Revolution I will be back
— Experienced rider new to DH - Scott Goodwin
Had an awesome day riding some proper downhills with a good group of people. Felt pretty confident on the rough stuff and it was great to finally ride banana skin corner, generally a pretty RAD day
— Young up and coming DH racer - Aidan Mallon
This is the second Join The Revolution course I have done. This the first time on my trail bike. Really pleased with the bike and stoked for technical XC racing with my team (Cannondale Girls) in 2016.
— MTBing 1 year, XC racer - Adel Tyson Bloor

Our next course is on the 24th of March.

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Cannondale Girls

For 2016 the brand new Cannondale girls team is supported by ALine Coaching. We have done a number of sessions with the team as individuals over the last year and the progression has come thick and fast. Most of the girls come from a road background and have some serious time in their legs but are looking to adapt that power to the skills of MTB. 

We don't have a traditional style of coaching XC MTB and you may find the team members we are looking after, ride a little different. 


One of the things which really stuck us about the team was their sense of fun. They train hard, really hard and obviously take it seriously but they also play and have fun and for us thats pretty darn important. 

Stoked to be working with such a talented and inspiring group of women bringing even more women to the sport.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from the girls at their facebook page




Hardtail steel big wheel circus #26isdead

I was at a mates house the other week and there, in the corner was Josh Brycelands HighBall XC rig. Full black carbon, 800mm DH bars, a dropper post and I had a massive bikegasm. Thats it I thought thats the dream! 

So I put a post on my personal social media explaining I wanted a HT Carbon 29er and does this make me a bad person. Will I have to go to confession! A mate posted up saying he had Cotic Solaris which I can borrow for a week or so if I like. I thought well why not, its not the Carbon XC race bike I had in mind but I "Knew" I liked steel so I hopped on.

That was a month or so ago now and I'll be honest. I miss it............

Steel is from the earth, it moves and flows with the trail! Its got soul :-0

Knowing isnt doing! Riding is not an intellectual endeavour. My head knew I liked steel but my body had forgot.

When you look at the stats on the Solaris it does not show any particularly aggressive geometry, in fact it has been designed to give very neutral handling. This works for me. The bottom bracket height isn't as low as some who brand themselves as aggressive but this makes movements such as manuals etc much more efficient! 

People say the big wheels are much less capable on steep and tight terrain but I didn't find this to be true. To prove it heres a video of me falling off....... There were a number of bikes I could have used for this challenge but I chose this one !

Not an advert for a bike or our riding skills but as far as Im aware that corner is still unridden! I think its fair to say the bike was not the limiting factor. 

  • Was I comfortable riding steep technical terrain - YES
  • Did it corner well - YES (got my best results racing ThisIsSheffield Dual on this beast)
  • Did it jump well - YES (jumped everything I can on the Brondog)

The material a full suspension bike is made of is important in terms of stiffness and weight etc but for a hardtail, the material has a profound effect on the ride, on the "feel".

If your thinking of picking up a new hard tail I'd encourage you to put all your preconceived ideas to one side and get on a test ride! All the desk time and study can help map out the costs but when it comes down to it......Let your body decide!

If your interested in organising a test ride with Cotic get in touch direct at or call 07970853531!

Im going to test ride a couple more but Cotic is at the top of list!

Tuesday challenge 11

We had a private session with a couple of pinners from Bristol, Keith and Jason. When Jason busted out a caterpillar I knew it was one for you lot to practice!

Would you use this as a trail "tool" nope. Why doit. Its fun isnt it :-). Find something you cant do practice till you can. Slow speed control, balance and movement - The building blocks of everything!

Can you doit?





Bontrager flash charger - Bike Garage

So all you tubeless lovers will be familiar with the pump dance of desperately trying to get enough air into your tyre to make it seal and joy of using an air compressor to get these things on! Well Bontrager have developed the flash charger so you can build up pressure and then release as one larger charge! Great stuff.

We could have tested it on the usual stuff but we decided to try it on an unsupported inner tube. We also tried it on a syringe. All in the name of science.

Warning! This is a bit silly.

Retails at £100.00 which make me squirm a little but if you love running tubeless you will know this is priceless!. Bike Garage

Im not been completely taken by tubeless yet, when they go, I have to put in a tube anyway and I would only revert back to tubeless if I was putting on a new tyre. Does that mean Im just lazy?

Any one on here love tubeless?

Anyone used the Flash Charger ?

Anyone got any other great new ways we can use it?