Specialized 2FO

Shoes are unbelievable important. They are the main contact point with your bike. Get a pair that fit and appropriate for the task! 


Check these beasts

Quick pic while conducting the walking round the house test! #ProPhotgrapher

Quick pic while conducting the walking round the house test! #ProPhotgrapher


1. Much better fit (than my previous shoes).

2. Recessed cleat so I get the benefit of support from the pedal cage.

3. Far more support with a stiffer sole and all over stiffer shoe.

4. Excellent cleat movement, I can get these as far back as I need.

So far, really impressed. The biggest thing for shoes will always be fit and with my narrow heel, relatively general forefoot and low volume these take good care of these hotdogs.

Theres also far more support than you may expect. They look like a trainer but actually perform more like the more traditional SPD shoe. The sides and the tongue are really stiff. 

So down sides.... The extra support is provided by the stiffness in the sole but also the sides. This is something which has caused some mild discomfort in one pressure point (right ankle) over the last 3 days of riding. This is something Im sure will disappear as they mold to feet but I will keeping an eye on them. Thats the only downside and it's a result of one of the benefits - typical.

If you're looking for some new SPDs these are brilliant. Possibly the best I have ever had. Will post some pics in a years time :-).

I bought mine from JE James in Sheffield for just under £100. All Specialized dealers should be able to order them in, if they don't stock them.

Well you may remember our 5:10 review last year? They have bitten the dust.

I never got on with the 5:10 for 3 main reasons

1. The fit never was quite right (and this is the main one).

2. The soles where soft. My feet actually got tired. 

3. The cleat was not recessed enough in the shoe so I had little support from the rest of the pedal. It gave a real pressure point under the foot.

The shoes are completely worn out out now and I have posted some pictures but please remember, Im in my shoes every day and through winter they get soaked every day and dried every day. Im actually quite happy at how long they lasted. Its also worth mentioning a good few of my friends run 5:10 clipped and love them. You can see the soles snapped at the cleat and began to degrade (as do all).

Anyone else out there used 2FO? Or the clipped 5:10s?






1. Length

2. Width

3. Volume

Then there are how these interrelate. For example your foot may have a broad heel and forefoot, or a narrow heel and a broad forefoot low volume high volume etc. With a shoe it all depends on the "last" the manufacturer is working to (the last is 3D mold the shoe is moulded too). Whilst there is variation within a manufacturer's range as a general comment you will find manufactures have a general "fit".


To check the length of a shoe, take out the inner sole and stand on it making sure it is holding your weight, your standing upright and your heel is right back towards the rear.As a guide your looking for a finger width between your toe and the end of your inner sole. This "IS" the internal length, the numbers on the box will always vary. note: this only works for length! does not  reflect width. Put the inner sole back in put em on, waggle your toes, walk about and make sure your heal is secure, a good fit will give you even pressure across your foot, room to waggle your toes and hold your foot firmly in place.