Sheffield Heli Pad Appeal

I love outdoor sports. They are often risky and in remote areas which come with a few issues. If I have a great big crash and need to get air lifted out of there, I would much rather end up in Sheffield (that's were I live) then heading to Leeds etc. Lets forget the terrible inconvenience of it all, the fact is time is money and when I'm bleeding out I'd rather not be on tour. 

If you're active in the great outdoors, check out your local mountain rescue and air ambulance! 

Sweaty back so you know it's good.....

Sweaty back so you know it's good.....

Check out the charity's front page for more info: Sheffield Heli Pad Appeal 




When I was guiding up in the Chilcotin Mountains, British Columbia, if we had a serious accident motor bike lumberjacks would drive up with chainsaws and cut a landing area for the chopper. Evacuation was an estimated 14 hours, thankfully no one ever did (with me anyway :-)) Don't know you're born........ Lets keep it that way!