The Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Because you think it, it becomes true

This is a prophecy which was not true when it was prophesied but by the mere fact it was said caused it to happen.

The easy example is the banks. If someone states "The bank has no money and is going down", people may well go and withdraw their money causing the bank to sink even though it was perfectly well balanced. The bank only sank because it was prophesied it would.

This also happens with our riding and how we talk to ourselves. The "opinions" we sometimes make about our riding can begin to ring true even though it's just our thoughts that make them so. A classic example of this in riding is "I hate wet roots, every time I try and ride them I fall off". Does this help or hinder our ability to ride these sections well? What do we actually do on wet roots which is different to if they were not there? We adapt our line on entry slightly or perhaps "go light" but overall there's not a lot we can do but minimise the time we are on the roots and carry good speed. 

To be a good root jockey we need to breathe deep to keep our body loose. When/if the bike does slip we can go with it, we need to stay focused on where we are going to give our body clear information so it can fire up all those tiny reflexes. Your body has it's own intelligence.

When our mind identifies a section as danger ("watch out you might slip") we often hold our breath, lower our head and brace for impact. Our focus shifts to what's in front of the front wheel, our body becomes stiff and we don't give clear information to our bodies, so if the bike does slip we become unbalanced.

Just one thought/label in the "wrong" place can make riding incredibly difficult.

What opinions do you have about your riding? What intellectual labels and thought patterns do you have? If any...

Every time I hit a jump I always...

Every time I get to this corner I always...

Every time I hit this section I always...

Don't put yourself at risk, learn from previous mistakes but keep an open mind and leave the past where it belongs. Every time you step out on your bike you're a better rider than the time before, see the world through new eyes!

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