Post talk chitty chat - Geometry

Last night we had Tech Talk 2 on Geometry by Cy Cotic.

On these tech talks we have worked to bring experts in their field and when we were looking for who would be good to talk about geometry Cy was top of the list. To say we where stoked when he said yes is an understatement. 

Cy has been riding for over 28 years, he's a mechanical engineer and post university had many years as a consultant to the rail industry designing suspension for trains etc.

Even when working as a consultant Cy was constantly working on bike designs and having produced a number of bikes for himself it wasn't long before he realised he was not the only one who enjoyed riding his bikes and Cotic was born.

Designing a bike from scratch to give the ride characteristics you are looking for must teach you a lot from the start. 12 years on with approx 20 bikes designed and built its fair to say Cy has been through the mill, learnt from mistakes, had his eyes opened to the compromisers!

During the talk Cy worked through the basic measurements their limitations and some hints and tips for what to look out for.  

We looked at engineering solutions for human problems. What looks great and should work i theory doesn't always relate in the real world and the importance of a test ride. A piece of paper with sums and equations is no substitute for how a bike will "feel". If your going to buy a bike book a test ride or pinch your mates! 

Cotic have a Demo day on the 18th April, 16th May, 6th June. Check out to get booked in.

J.E.James also have a Demo day on the 17th and 18th of May with a number of brands in attendance

Hope yall enjoyed it and found it useful, If you have any questions for myself or of course this weeks expert Cy, please feel free to post up below.

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