New Bike Park Announcement - Christchurch

Anytime we hear theres a new bike park it always brings a smile but this is a particularly interesting one! 

Its very difficult to produce a promotional video for a park that doesn't exist but you can instantly see its size, hight, topography and proximity to Christchurch - Tasty ingredients.

So whats different about this place? Mountain biking is not being tagged on, its not an afterthought its the basis for the whole development (Theres lots more going on). 

This is a purpose built year round MTB facility with a well planned, well thought out business model with a team who know their onions. Looking at who owns the land I would hazard a guess it will be well financed also High speed chair lift anyone!

So what I hear you cry.......

Well what if Whistler never existed? Whistler bike park proved the model, this gave investors in other parks reassurance it can work but it takes investment and planning. 

The business world is still on the fence with MTB in my opinion and every time we get a well funded, well executed bike park, eyebrows raise and hands get closer to the pocket! 

This Park could be a big deal for Bike Parks Internationally, independent of ski areas etc! 

Can not wait to ride it!

Good luck Select Evolution