Laggan - Wolftrax

Laggan Wolftrax, Is Gona Eat Yer!

I have heard the name Laggan Wolftrax for a while but only recently made the trip. It's miles away nested up in Scotland, spitting distance form Avemore (20 min). I have heard "Ooo Laggan's harder than normal centres" and "Don't take it lightly".

So what's there? Well not much to be fair; a fire road climb with only 2 trails really worth riding. The first is a disjointed red, split into two sections with a mixture of awkward rock steps and smooth surfaced trail. The second is a steep black littered with rock features.

The same fire road climb is used to access both reds and the black. The combined distance of the red trails is approx 15km while the black downhill section falls in at 6.4km.

So what did we think? Absolutely brilliant fun! The awkward red challenges flow because the corners are not designed to be nice. They are flat, loose and slower than the trail allows and the constantly changing trail surface keeps you looking for straight lines and braking points. If you're fast down, it's because you have good skill...there's no faking it!

The Black run was the most fun I have had on a bike in a long time! It was very reminiscent of my time in Squamish and Pemberton in British Columbia where the topography and geology dictates the trail, as opposed to the skill of the trail builder. Minimal surfacing, maximum natural! To ride this trail you need to be able to allow the bike to angle underneath you (bum to back tyre kind of angle), have good smooth brake control and excellent slow-speed balance! First time down for most riders is challenging. Just picking the line from all the chicken runs makes it so much fun and once done it gets even better as you carry speed through sections. I think we must have ridden the black at least 5 times!

If you can get yourself up there and link it in with some other locations it is worth it. We never regretted the drive for one minute. We are mad though!