I grew up in Liverpool where footballs obviously massive. One of the first things people ask me is 'who do I support' (my self with my legs wheyyyy) they always look a little sad when I say I don't follow football. I quite liked playing it, just had no interest in watching it. Whats the point...... When Im sat in a Pub with the lads and bantas flying that would have been the only point, to join in. Was never bothered about "joining" in though, Im a doer. 

When I first started riding in the early 90s there wasn't many other riders about. For me it was a quite a solitary sport. If you wanted to meet other riders you raced. Any footage in those days was on telly or video, the internet literally didn't exist.

Last night we sat at home and watched the WC on redbull TV with a few friends. 

Were big fans of Troy Brosnan and would have been stoked to see him win except when Josh Bryceland is in the hot seat.


It was at this point I realised, MTB is my football. A sport Im passionate about enough to spectate and now with the internet get great coverage! 

God Bless MountainBiking

God Bless The Internet

God save the Rat

What a race that was, cant wait for Windam!