Parkwood Springs New Dual Track

Tuesday the 26thof April saw the official opening of the new dual track at Parkwood Springs. 

Sheffield City Council, This is Sheffield, Steve Peat and Ride Sheffield were there to see it open. 

I (JPJ) got knocked out in the first round by Josh Lewis. Its never fun getting knocked out but when the rider that does is pro level it doesn't feel so bad :-).

Dual slalom came from the American boys and girls who came from a ski background. These were big events back in he day but when the more exciting discipline of 4x came about it took a back seat. 

4X is 4 riders on the same track jostling for position. Slalom is 2 separate tracks running side by side. Slalom is generally considered lower risk and is purely how fast you can ride that track compared to the opponent. Non of this 4x smashing your mates of the track business. 

Dual is making a come back in a big way with the This Is Sheffield boys making waves with their flat corner antics and the popularity of the dual track at Chicksands Bike Park, Crankworks in Whistler, Sea Otter in America etc Dual is coming back in a big way!

The great benefit of having someone next to you is you get instant feed back on our performance and you can monitor whats working and whats not. A Dual track is a brilliant training tool.

Massive thanks to Sheffield City Council (Jon Dallows), Sport Sheffield and Bike Track, such a wonderful wonderful gift! 

If you want to carry more speed on a track like this check out our Flow Course.