Greno Trail Closures

Photo credit:- Henry Norman - Ride Sheffield

Photo credit:- Henry Norman - Ride Sheffield

Really unfortunate weather conditions

So the guys at Bike Track have been up in the woods sweating their nads off tuneing up the tracks. The guys are restricted to using site won materials.  The site is underlain by the Lower Pennine Coal Measures which in this area is highly weathered and as a result there are lots of "fines" or its quite clayey.

Those of you who have ridden the tracks before will appreciate this stuff goes rock hard eventually but......

When the track is freshly laid, the new material needs to settle, if it is bone dry its actually good for the track to be ridden as this helps it compact, if however if the track is wet, or like today it is saturated it is very bad to ride it. The material looses its structural integrity and is displaced with ease forming ruts etc. 

If the material is left to dry out from saturation it drys harder. 

Of all the placers we can ride Greno is generally a great one in the wet but just for now while the track is settling in please avoid! 

This isnt an official request from the powers that be , Pub Run is open (Since writing this article Pub Run has been officially closed!) but just use that big noggin and think !!! Brand new track, site won material, ground piss wet ........ May give Greno a miss till it drys out :-).

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