Evo SS Gimbal Review - First ride and impressions

The product felt great out the box, but I got a few issues I did not expect!

We at ALine Mountain Bike Coaching are mountain bikers through and through. We often therefore like to test out bits and bobs cycling related.

The theme of 2019 so far... gadgets. This time we are giving a first ride and impression of the Evo SS Gimbal. A gimbal is supposed to smoothen out Point Of View (POV) footage on your Go-Pro or action sports camera. The Evo SS is designed for a chest mount design.

The product as a whole felt great out the box, but unfortunately a few issues have arisen that I did not expect. When opening the box, everything is presented nicely and in a neat fashion, and the gimbal comes with some good accessories as standard. Charging, mounting and setting up the gimbal in the house was easy.


On my first ride using the gimbal however, I encountered a few issues. Firstly, when I tried to switch it on, it wouldn’t start, despite checking the batteries were installed correctly and were fully charged. Eventually, with a bit of fiddling about it started working and it seemed to work well. I put this start up issue down to user error.

I captured much of my first ride in the video below. On the first run, the gimbal worked great, I was delighted with the results, in the knowledge that with a few setting tweaks, I could get the footage I was after. On the second, third, fourth run however, the gimbal was playing up. Watching the footage back, going round corners fast and harsh’ish impacts seemed to switch the gimbal off so the Go Pro was still working but just flapping around. This was frustrating. Next the batteries died on me after about an hour and a bit of use, which was not the 2-3 hour usage reported.

When getting home I spoke to Evo about my experience and they think I had a battery issue. They are sending through some new batteries to see if this resolves the problem. I’ll keep you posted to see if it solves the problem.

So, first impressions are that I need to test a bit more. I never judge things based on one use, as sometimes theres a bit of user error, and sometimes you are just the odd unlucky customer that has a faulty product (in this case, batteries).

I will post up soon with how I get on.

Any questions on anything related, set up, settings, or anything coaching related, please get in touch, gmjalinecoaching@gmail.com

Keep it rubber side down.