Distinguished Gentlemans Ride - 28th September (MTB)

Iv got a mate. His names Rich Baybutt and hes awesome.

He rides a motor bike Braaaappppp.

Rich is one of those arty types who always takes the best pics has the best fancy dress outfits and just generally does stuff with style so when he said to me do you fancy putting together an MTB "Distinguished Gentlemans Ride" to go with his motorbike one I said hell yer.

The Distinguished Gentlemans ride was set up to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research and Treatment.

Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 12.38.12
Screen shot 2014-09-02 at 12.38.12

 The official event is a motorbike ride on classic bikes. I haven't go one. I do have an MTB though!

As mountain bikers we cant gain our own sponsors but we can sponsor Rich and the rest of the Sheffield gang, and we can meet them for lunch.

Sound like fun? I like dressing up and getting dirty so Im well up for it

The plan is.....

12.00pm - Meet at Parkwood Carpark, Ride and head over to Greno/Warny area to meet the chaps at Jacks Farm

2.30pm Farmer Jacks, There will be hot food and hot drinks we can buy.

Have a chat with the motor crew and admire some nice bikes then crack on.

5.00pm Back at Parkwood.

You will need to dress up like a gentleman :-). Don't wear anything you expect to wear again.

Ps women more than welcome with beards moustaches or some form of facial hair :-)

And last but no means least sponsor one of the Sheffield Riders

It will be a great laugh this day and for a great cause, if you can make it fire me an email and we can let the caterers know whats coming!

Hope to see you there!