Christmas Vouchers

We went out to Greno for a morning with the man who can Richard Baybutt and took 3 bikes with us. The idea was to show the bike doesn't really matter, it's what you do with it that counts. That's where ALine comes in.

ALine Coaching vouchers make great presents for the mountain biker in your life. Coaching is something many people have never considered for themselves. Some riders may not necessarily have identified skills they want to progress and therefore not considered professional input to help them achieve their goals. Others may have concerns that they will be criticised or made to feel bad about their riding. The fact that many of our clients book in to more sessions prove this to be quite the opposite.

Do someone a favour, open them up to the wonderful world of ALine Coaching! 

Have a great Christmas and don't let the winter drizzle put you off, once you're out it's all good :-)


  • Santa Cruz Bronson - Pink
  • Calibre Bossnut
  • Calibre Dune - Fat Bike





Big thanks to 35Bikes and Go Outdoors for the kit and support!