Cannondale Girls

For 2016 the brand new Cannondale girls team is supported by ALine Coaching. We have done a number of sessions with the team as individuals over the last year and the progression has come thick and fast. Most of the girls come from a road background and have some serious time in their legs but are looking to adapt that power to the skills of MTB. 

We don't have a traditional style of coaching XC MTB and you may find the team members we are looking after, ride a little different. 


One of the things which really stuck us about the team was their sense of fun. They train hard, really hard and obviously take it seriously but they also play and have fun and for us thats pretty darn important. 

Stoked to be working with such a talented and inspiring group of women bringing even more women to the sport.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from the girls at their facebook page




Steel City Mini Downhill, April 21st 2012

There are days when a tribe comes together and something special happens. The Sheffield mountain bike tribe is big, noisy, friendly and doing some great things. Put all that together in Greno Woods, stir in a bit of competition, a great trail and a dash of Peaty magic, and something very special happens. The buzz was immense. Everyone had a grin on their face, bikes were buffed to a blinding shine, the sun had got its hat on and all was well with the world.