Join The Revolution - February

Februarys Join The Revolution was another great success as riders took the step into some of the most fun terrain in the uk.

Generally the home of the DH elite, with support from ALine coaching Revolution Bike Park is a fantastic place for riders looking to take those first steps into advanced terrain. On our Join The Revolution course, we give riders time, space and the support to make the most of their "Revolution" experience.

After the group have settled in, we sometimes get the camera out! 

It was the sickest, gnarliest and most incredible day I’ve ever had on two wheels. I progressed more in one day than I have in one year. I’ll be back to conquer banana skin corner!
— MTBing 1 year, trail rider - Jon Elvidge
After my first run down Revolution I thought I’d made a mistake, this place has some serious steep and technical trails. But by the end of the day and some expert advice and encouragement from ALine Coaching Revolution is now my favourite place to ride. Thanks to ALine and thanks to Revolution I will be back
— Experienced rider new to DH - Scott Goodwin
Had an awesome day riding some proper downhills with a good group of people. Felt pretty confident on the rough stuff and it was great to finally ride banana skin corner, generally a pretty RAD day
— Young up and coming DH racer - Aidan Mallon
This is the second Join The Revolution course I have done. This the first time on my trail bike. Really pleased with the bike and stoked for technical XC racing with my team (Cannondale Girls) in 2016.
— MTBing 1 year, XC racer - Adel Tyson Bloor

Our next course is on the 24th of March.

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The Team at Ride Sheffield have been working hard going to meetings and liaising with regulatory bodies to improve access for Mountain Bikers and actually led the UKs first crowd funded trail Lady Cannings. 

This has be a huge success and at the Ride Sheffield annual get together last Monday RADMires was announced. (The name RADMires came about as the area is known as Redmires due to the reservoir you pass on route. Its currently not very RAD though).

Heres what the team had to say but below is the important bit.

Ride Sheffield Bank Details:


After the massive success of Lady Cannings we are at it again, this time at Redmires, which sits between Stannage Edge and Sheffield City.


First a little recap of what we achieved Lady Cannings:

– First and currently only crowd funded mountain bike trail in the UK, possibly the world.
– First dedicated mountain bike trail to be built in the Peak District National Park
– Over 14,000 runs down in 14 weeks since it opened on Strava alone
– £75,000 raised between crowd funding, local business donations and Go Outdoors major contribution to complete Phase 1 and the additional trails to be built in 2016.

Our great ally Jon Dallow at Sheffield City Council has given us the green light to build a descending trail in the woods which run alongside the byway up to Stannage Pole from Redmires Road. It will enter the woods at the top corner just below the existing gate in the byway, and descend 1.8km down to Redmires Road. This is 50% longer than Lady Cannings Phase 1 opened earlier this summer.

The Biketrack lads have been up there and are very excited about the possibilities, and the quality of the material on site. Design will be similar to Lady Cannings; Blue grade flow trail in that signature “the faster you go the tougher it is” style which makes that trail so much fun, yet so accessible to all abilities. The added interest this time is that there are some land features and gradients available in the woods which will allow some red/black (grade TBC once built and assessed) opt ins to keep things really interesting for more advanced riders. The intention here is to not only add another brilliant link to our trail network, but also add some progression. As new riders enjoy and develop their skills at Lady Cannings, RADmires aims to up the intensity a little to act as a bridge between Lady Cannings and some of the jumpier, faster, more featured trails over at Greno, and the rockier, steeper, more technical trails around Stannage, Blacka Moor and Rivelin.

Bottom line is that we need £45,000 to make this happen. If we get the money flowing in soon we will be using it to get planning permission and full design complete so that it will be open Summer 2017. We already made £1250 at the event last night, so we’re on our way!

So, get your hands in your pockets and chip in:

Ride Sheffield Bank Details:

Or you can donate via Paypal. The address for Paypal payments is:

You know how amazing Lady Cannings is. You know that we can make this happen with the money behind us. You just KNOW RADmires is going to be, well, RAD!! So, get involved, raise some money, give some money, hassle your boss to put some company money into a great community project. So long as it’s legally obtained, we don’t really care where it comes from, JUST GIVE US YOUR MONEY!!!!

Those details again:

Ride Sheffield Bank Details:


Did I mention you need to GIVE US YOUR MONEY?

Tuesday challenge 11

We had a private session with a couple of pinners from Bristol, Keith and Jason. When Jason busted out a caterpillar I knew it was one for you lot to practice!

Would you use this as a trail "tool" nope. Why doit. Its fun isnt it :-). Find something you cant do practice till you can. Slow speed control, balance and movement - The building blocks of everything!

Can you doit?





Specialized 2FO

Shoes are unbelievable important. They are the main contact point with your bike. Get a pair that fit and appropriate for the task! 


Check these beasts

Quick pic while conducting the walking round the house test! #ProPhotgrapher

Quick pic while conducting the walking round the house test! #ProPhotgrapher


1. Much better fit (than my previous shoes).

2. Recessed cleat so I get the benefit of support from the pedal cage.

3. Far more support with a stiffer sole and all over stiffer shoe.

4. Excellent cleat movement, I can get these as far back as I need.

So far, really impressed. The biggest thing for shoes will always be fit and with my narrow heel, relatively general forefoot and low volume these take good care of these hotdogs.

Theres also far more support than you may expect. They look like a trainer but actually perform more like the more traditional SPD shoe. The sides and the tongue are really stiff. 

So down sides.... The extra support is provided by the stiffness in the sole but also the sides. This is something which has caused some mild discomfort in one pressure point (right ankle) over the last 3 days of riding. This is something Im sure will disappear as they mold to feet but I will keeping an eye on them. Thats the only downside and it's a result of one of the benefits - typical.

If you're looking for some new SPDs these are brilliant. Possibly the best I have ever had. Will post some pics in a years time :-).

I bought mine from JE James in Sheffield for just under £100. All Specialized dealers should be able to order them in, if they don't stock them.

Well you may remember our 5:10 review last year? They have bitten the dust.

I never got on with the 5:10 for 3 main reasons

1. The fit never was quite right (and this is the main one).

2. The soles where soft. My feet actually got tired. 

3. The cleat was not recessed enough in the shoe so I had little support from the rest of the pedal. It gave a real pressure point under the foot.

The shoes are completely worn out out now and I have posted some pictures but please remember, Im in my shoes every day and through winter they get soaked every day and dried every day. Im actually quite happy at how long they lasted. Its also worth mentioning a good few of my friends run 5:10 clipped and love them. You can see the soles snapped at the cleat and began to degrade (as do all).

Anyone else out there used 2FO? Or the clipped 5:10s?






1. Length

2. Width

3. Volume

Then there are how these interrelate. For example your foot may have a broad heel and forefoot, or a narrow heel and a broad forefoot low volume high volume etc. With a shoe it all depends on the "last" the manufacturer is working to (the last is 3D mold the shoe is moulded too). Whilst there is variation within a manufacturer's range as a general comment you will find manufactures have a general "fit".


To check the length of a shoe, take out the inner sole and stand on it making sure it is holding your weight, your standing upright and your heel is right back towards the rear.As a guide your looking for a finger width between your toe and the end of your inner sole. This "IS" the internal length, the numbers on the box will always vary. note: this only works for length! does not  reflect width. Put the inner sole back in put em on, waggle your toes, walk about and make sure your heal is secure, a good fit will give you even pressure across your foot, room to waggle your toes and hold your foot firmly in place.



The Brondog!

I'm not a "Bike Tester" thats a full time job in its self, if you want to test bikes you have to be able to relate things you feel through the bike to individual design features such as key geometry angles and axel paths etc. If this was not enough you then have to relate this to your body of experience riding different bikes to gain some kind of reference point. So when I talk about the Bronson its just my experience as a rider.

Im afraid you have a bad case of poo stance

Poo stance is a MTB slang term for crouching behind the saddle (also known as the muck spreader). The term comes from the position the rider adopts; Perfectly placed to take a dump and not get any on your saddle. You will however dump on your back wheel and therefore flick it all over your bike - hence "the muck spreader". There are times when this position is appropriate, for example if you are on really steep terrain, in which case this can be described as surfing your back wheel - but in the case below, this rider is not balanced aka the terrain is not dictating the riders position.