Bontrager flash charger - Bike Garage

So all you tubeless lovers will be familiar with the pump dance of desperately trying to get enough air into your tyre to make it seal and joy of using an air compressor to get these things on! Well Bontrager have developed the flash charger so you can build up pressure and then release as one larger charge! Great stuff.

We could have tested it on the usual stuff but we decided to try it on an unsupported inner tube. We also tried it on a syringe. All in the name of science.

Warning! This is a bit silly.

Retails at £100.00 which make me squirm a little but if you love running tubeless you will know this is priceless!. Bike Garage

Im not been completely taken by tubeless yet, when they go, I have to put in a tube anyway and I would only revert back to tubeless if I was putting on a new tyre. Does that mean Im just lazy?

Any one on here love tubeless?

Anyone used the Flash Charger ?

Anyone got any other great new ways we can use it?