Blow me....Winter maintenance!

I don't like doing it, its a necessary evil. I love Autumn, I love the mulch and the slime and the drift but......

It's that time of year folks. The first fall of leaves has happened, the second partly done with some of the Oaks etc hanging on till the first solid frost. Right now is the time to clear the trails of debris before it turns to mud and holds water! Water management is 90% of trail maintenance and is the reason for the 'measure twice cut once' rule. Fortunately the trails we were on today were professionally built and the current maintenance issues are general wear and tear as opposed to poor design. It's really important to know the difference as there's no point in being busy fools!

Whats got a long trunk and loves a good blow.
Whats got a long trunk and loves a good blow.

There's a fair bit of work which still needs to be done, but for one man and 5 hrs I am 100% sure that leaf blowing the trails was the most efficient thing to be done, even on a day like today (pissin it down).

The mulch holds water and clogs drainage, the water saturates the surface of the trail which allows it to be displaced when it is splashed. This causes the water depth to grow and further the displacement exponentially. Get the water off the trail.


If you decide to get stuck in make sure you clear the track and pay real close attention to those drainage points. Clear them well and a good meter back depending on drain size, some will require more.

Looking at the pics above it does make me say, the trail on the left looks much more appealing but alas, these are high traffic trails and maintenance is king!

Once you have blown your track the next stage will be deciding which puddles need draining and filling and which will need rocking out and surfacing!

20secs you will never get back!

Big thanks to The WildLife Trust, the Steel City Series, Ride SheffieldSheffield City Council and This Is Sheffield