Back Packs - How hard can it be?

It's a bag on your back

Check out the Evoc Freeride Trail. Ta daarr...!

I had my hair cut especially for this pic
I had my hair cut especially for this pic

I had a Dakine Nomad for a long time and I loved that bag. I know I shouldn't, but I get really sentimental about well trusted kit. They hold a lot of memories for me, a bit like an old friend. When it finally gave up the ghost (the zip broke) I thought "What the bloody hell am I going to do now?". I think on the whole, rucksacs are over-engineered. They don't generally fail and you don't need a million pockets. I just want something that does the job with easy access and looks good. We all know it, if you're buying a newie, it's got to look the part. You have to find the bag that really defines your riding (ha ha ha ha). EVOC's cool, I'm cool, I'm into freeride and I ride

Seriously though I picked EVOC because their bags look great, they are really well made and this particular model has a back protector built in.


As well as the main compartment the bag has 5 pockets and a helmet strap. The pocket at the top is perfect for the camera/multi tool easy access. The second main compartment has a multitude of pockets within, opens right out like a suitcase and reveals a further 7 compartments pictured above (one being waterproof). My first impression was to wonder what I would need all those pockets for but then I realised I had always kept my tools and spares in a little bag. Now the pens could live in pentown and the paper clips could hang in paper clip village (Mighty Boosh reference).

Devils in the detail-Some nice detail here.
Devils in the detail-Some nice detail here.

This particular model is a 20L volume. This is the under-estimation of the century and compared to other 20L models I can fit a fair bit more in. This obviously has the advantage of providing a good surface coverage for the back protector so I'm not complaining.

Negative points:

  1. Large volume for stated size
  2. Not very water resistant (without cover)
  3. Warm in summer (need to be for back protection)
  4. Waterproof cover which folds out is a faff

Positive points:

  1. Looks great
  2. Fits snug and doesn't move
  3. Back protection built in
  4. Well thought out pocket layout

If you're looking for a new bag, try an EVOC on.