AirDrop Bikes

Sitting the office the other day I (JPJ) had one of those emails were you think ooo this sounds fun. A new bike company coming out of Sheffield. The email was asking us if we were up for heading out and doing some test riding. I have said before test riding is an actual thing, its a real skill and I read reviews out there at the moment and I think what a load of regurgitated rubbish. This isnt a review, the bikes at the prototype fine tuning stage so a review would be pointless anyway.

The bike industry is locked down tight and newcomers to the busy market are going to have to bring the good stuff, this is a brave move.

AirDrop Bikes is brought by a guy named Ed Brazier and he's bringing over 15yrs of experience from the outdoor industry and like most new bike makes, a whole load of blood sweat and gears!


Ghetto iphone vid - Bike is size large. 

The bikes have been designed to be nimble and playful while strong enough to take the hits and we are expecting the price in at the acceptable end of the market. The sizing is based on the new world Mountain Bike size charts so much more length orientated as oppose to height. The size large was a little on the long side for me (Im 6ft) and the med was comparable to a large Bronson.

Keep your eyes peeled at AirDrop Bikes for more info

When it comes to buying a new bike would you consider a new comer to the market or stick with the mainstream?

test ride test ride test ride