A video of me eating bush #PandaEyes #29er

This weeks Tuesday Challenge was fun to film with me old mucker Rich Baybutt. While we were there though we found another little puzzle to work on. The corner was too steep to roll so it was going to  be a "bring the back end round" kind of corner. 

Before I attempted this feature, I checked the fall out zone for danger (A trail feature can result in a crash, but its the landing which causers the injury). 

When we looked at the footage, this made us laugh, thought it might make you laugh too! 

Tight steep technical, the 29er was the obvious choice.................

Find something you can almost do, practice it till you can. How you practice is the key

How would you practice getting round this corner?

Post up below


PS had a long term test ride on the Cotic, is it the appropriate bike for this shenanigans?  Nope but its a tonne of fun. #SteelIsReal