5:10 Impact SPD - Oh dear......

I was unbelievable excited when I saw the new 5:10 impacts....

I thought fair play Adidas have done a crackin job on the re-make.

Great construction, much lighter, water resistant material, thinner denser foam, a choice of laces and the ability to get that cleat position way back down to china town! All the reviews said these new shoes are the mac daddys.

The material used looks a bit like the plastic stuff Crocs are made of but once I got over this, it made sense and I never  had an issue with hot sweaty feet.

I did have issues through.......

First thing is something which I should know better......The fit....

This is something reviews do not talk about enough in my opinion.


There are three very simple measurements

1. Length

2. Width

3. Volume

Then there are how these interrelate. For example your foot may have a broad heel and forefoot, or a narrow heel and a broad forefoot low volume high volume etc. With a shoe it all depends on the last the manufacture is working to (the last is 3D mold the shoe is moulded too). Whilst there is variation within a manufactures range as a general comment you will find manufactures have a general "fit".


To check the length of a shoe, take out the inner sole and stand on it making sure it is holding your weight, your standing upright and your heel is right back towards the rear.As a guide your looking for a finger width between your toe and the end of your inner sole. This "IS" the internal length, the numbers on the box will always vary. note: this only works for length! does not  reflect width. waggle your toes, walk about and make sure your heal is secure, a good fit will give you even pressure across your foot room to waggle your toes and hold your foot firmly in place.


The 5:10 has a relatively broad last, particularly at the forefoot with a large volume.

If you have narrow feet make sure you try on some alternatives as I would not recommend the 5:10, your feet will swim, yer you can insert shims etc but better to get the shoe that has the "last" closest to the shape of your foot!

Take a look at the picture above and see how little the cleat is recessed.

This is the second draw back on the impact which causes 2 issues.


1) Clipping in it doesn't have a strong guidance grove and as a result I have found myself struggling to clip (I ride clipped in everything pretty much including trials, Im pretty darn good at getting in and out if I do say so myself). The flip side to this is 2) the sides of the shoe aka either side of the cleat do not protrude enough to support the side of the pedal (I ride time pedals), Another way of saying this is the cleat protrudes to much so you feel like your standing on a cleat.

The final nail in the coffin for these shoes and me is the soft relatively flexible sole. My feet actually fatigue in these shoes. I may not have the strongest feet but I toe strike run etc and dont generally have a problem, I certainly never have before....Gutted. I went ahead and spent £125.00 on shoes that just were not for me.... I just really wanted them :-(

Have you got narrow feet? Which shoes have worked for you?

On my to do list are

Mavic CrossMarks a more tradition style shoe, I know Mavic have a slimmer last, should be a bit stiffer and hopefully have a good recess for the cleat. These are expensive but its your feet and a critical contact point on our bike. Doesnt have to be expensive but if its the best fit........

Specialized 2FO - these are brand new out and I have not seen them in the flesh but they have a nice recessed cleat, Specialzed shoes have always had a good general/narrow heal and same in the forefoot and they look cool :-)

Whats your experience on shoes talk me through it! Any one got the new 5:10s Impacts and not had any of these issues? Do you have feet like a Hobbit or a hotdog?