There's no shortcuts to developing skill. If you know where your strengths and weakness are however you can target your time to get the most out of it. Thats what the Fundamentals is all about. This is not a beginners course.

On this course we focus on basic body mechanics, how we move on the bike and how we ally pressure though the bike. If you can improve one of these aspects, you will improve every aspect of your riding. We don't just train riders for a day, we provide a conceptual understanding and a way of practicing which will keep participants progressing long after the course.

This course is for intermediate to advanced riders, our feedback is specific to your needs.

A rising tide lifts all boats


  • Comfortable riding red graded trails (Sherwood Pines doesnt count).


  • A fully functioning bike fit for purpose

  • Appropriate safety gear including a helmet

  • You will need flat pedals and appropriate shoes (I generally ride clipped in but there is good reason for flat pedals on this course)

  • Appropriate riding gear to keep warm dry


Meeting Greno woods 9.30, finishing at approx 3.30

Cost £80.00 

Course Dates

Friday 30th November

Limited to 8 Places


Fundamentals Course
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