Flow Trails - Jumps and Berms

On this course we will help you

  • Generate more speed

  • Carry more speed

  • Ride Smoother

  • Rail berms

  • Jump higher and further

All with less effort.

Continuing on from the principles developed on the Fundamentals course, on this the second course in the series we focus on pressure control. Working with body mechanics, technique and some simple psychology you will develop a clear conceptual understanding of what needs to be done and more importantly how to do it.

Using specific targeted purposeful practice, riders will tune into the "feeling" and once we have felt it we can begin to repeat it. When we can repeat it, we can explore where and how this "feeling" applies elsewhere. 

We don't just train riders for a day, we provide a conceptual understanding and a way of practicing which will keep participants progressing long after the course.


Jumps, berms and pumping terrain is something the Whistler Bike Park crew excel at coaching and we have been fortunate enough to train under some of the most experienced coaches in the world. Training people to ride trails like A-Line, Dirt Merchant, Freight Train and Crabapple Hits we have all the experience you need to guide you through the timed proven progression.

This course is for intermediate to advanced riders, our feed back is specific to your needs.


  • Fundamentals course

  • All participants must be able to level lift/bunny hop in flat pedals.

If you have not done our Fundamentals course you CAN enter the progression here but this isn't a more advanced course, its just more specific.


  • A fully functioning bike fit for purpose

  • Appropriate safety gear including a helmet

  • You will need flat pedals and appropriate shoes (I generally ride clipped in but there is good reason for flat pedals on this course).


Meeting Parkwood Springs 9.30, finishing at approx 3.30

Cost £80.00

Friday 7th February

Limited to 8 Places


Flow Course
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