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Tech Talk 1 Suspension - 26th January evening.

On the evening of Monday the 26th of January we have a tech talk on Suspension with world cup mechanic Tom Duncan.

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In this session we will work through:

  • A brief history 
  • The recent switch to air as opposed to coil
  • The internal workings of suspension
  • Recent trends with simplification
  • Effects on geometry and linkage curve
  • Approaches to setting up your bike and how it can vary due to tracks and conditions

Theres lots of talk around suspension and settings, rebound, compression, low speed, high speed, spring rates, neg springs etc. In this talk our aim is to provide participants with a simple working model to understand modern day suspension and more importantly how these relate to "feel" and behavioural characteristics on the bike. We will be watching video footage and asking the audience to tell us, which is the dominant variable control on the suspension in the action.

Suspension is not complicated in its working principles which is all you need to set up your own bike!

That said, we didn't bring along a sports engineer/world cup mechanic for nothing. Once we have a working knowledge we will then look with more depth at how, in finer detail it is complicated, what current limitations and where the industry is heading! 

Tom Duncan - sports engineer and world cup mechanic.

Photo credit Nathan Hughes - PinkBike

Photo credit Nathan Hughes - PinkBike

We will also discuss how the top pros set up their bikes and why that may not be right for you.

The session will be approx. 1.5 hours long based at:

The Woodland Discovery Centre, Ecclesall Woods, Abbey Lane, Sheffield, S7 2QZ

Doors open at 7.00pm, talk begins at 7.15pm.

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